My ex has been caught several times

Amen, my brother! My ex has been caught several times at bald-faced lying to the court, but the judge will still believe her over me. The latest is that my ex accuses me of assaulting my oldest daughter because last time she was over I had to physically place her in the corner. I was gentle as possible and my religious beliefs prohibit me from “striking” children.

My ex has already extracted a statement from my daughter, and what do you want to wager that the judge will believe my ex over me? My children are rebelling in the first place because they have been alienated from their father via Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) and this has already been confirmed by a social study done by a social worker. The judge has even stated that she (the judge) can see that the children have been “programmed” to rebel against their father, but she continues to believe my ex over me.

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