New member…a persecuted dad…

Hello, I am new to the club. I have been divorced for two years from a woman who does not want me to see my kids. There is no reason for this other than the fact that her mother never let her dad see her kids, so she is repeating learned behavior. Like her mother, she is attempting to turn the children against me.

The court ordered a social study done, and the social worker confirmed that (1) my ex was trying to turn the kids against me and (2) this was emotionally traumatic to the kids (3) the mothers desire to turn the children against me “should not be underestimated” and (4) if the mother’s activity continues in this direction, then change of custody is recommended. Despite this, the judge refuses to do anything to my ex; my ex is a highly manipulative woman and can wrap just about anyone around her finger, including a judge.

She continues to say that I am abusing the children by putting them in the corner for time-out while she, herself, hits them with kitchen utensils (large wooden spoons & spatulas and such). This is just the tip of the iceburg as to how horrid this woman is. She constantly harasses me by phone and by email and tries to continue to try to run my life EVEN THOUGH she was the one who wanted the divorce. And yet the judge chews me out for complaining about missing my children.

Bye for now,