Social study…

Ask your attorney, they can request a social study from the judge, or you can say it in court when they ask you, “What do you think can be done to solve the problems that the two of you are having?” Just my luck, I wanted a social study and HER attorney happened to ask me this question.

This was when I was on the stand and my ex had taken me to court on many false charges (one of which was implied pedophilia; don’t they ALL use THAT one?).

I would like to thank the person who sent the info on jury/financial suits in Texas, as well as the 1-800 number. That was some good information!

BTW, is a social study possible after the fact? My ex has already got custody. I would have tried to contest that at the time of the divorce. There was plenty of reasons why she should not have custody, but I simplely could not affort the huge legal bills to make it happen.