Spring Conference

We have set the target date for the educational conference for June 14-17, with programs for attorneys on Thursday and Friday, programs for fathers on Friday evening and Saturday. Sunday morning, Father’s Day there will be a pancake breakfast.

Additionally, we are looking into setting up a way to broadcast the programs for fathers to other locations, though that is not definite. The conference alone is a gamble. Even though I have done it before, and we were successful, this one will not have the financial backing on the national organization. We will be doing this on a whim and a prayer. But, I believe that when one’s intentions are honorable and good, one will be successful, and we will make this conference a success.

It is our plan to pay the speaker’s a percentage of the profits from the conference, but several have expressed their choice to donate the fees towards the next conference in 2002. What is interesting is the overall lack I had in gathering presenters. In just seven days, we have nearly all the spots filled, and they could be filled by some of the speakers we already have.

Like I said before, we are doing this on a whim and a prayer. The charges for the conference will be as follows:

Continuing Legal Education
$250 – Attorneys
$180 – Paralegals

General Programs
$125 – Non-NCFC Members
$75 – NCFC members
$50 – Non-NCFC Members whose attorney pre-register for CLE Programs
$0 – NCFC Members whose attorney pre-register for CLE Programs

Non-Legal professionals wishing to attend CLE programs will have to get six legal professionals to attend the CLE programs. This meets CLE Certification requirements.

I will have the schedule on the web site by tomorrow, but we have yet to set up a good way to sign up for the conference through the website. That is my next goal.

That’s all for now.